Counseling & Support Groups

Abuse Counseling & Support Groups in Antigo WI

Support Groups & Counseling

We offer a variety of peer counseling and support group options to help you find the support you need while coping with difficult life situations. Our trained staff will be able to help you and your family find resources, information, and solutions. We can even travel to a safe location to meet with you one on one if transportation is an issue.

Some Counseling and Support Groups we offer are:

  • One on One Peer Counseling
  • Healthy Respects Group For Seniors
  • Domestic Abuse Support Group
  • Sexual Assault, Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Support Group
  • Children’s Group
  • Non-Offending Parent/Caregiver Support Group
  • Vulnerable Adult Support Group

**AVAIL advocates are not licensed counselors, but are available for peer counseling

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