AVAIL Services

AVAIL Inc. is located in Antigo Wisconsin, and provides a variety of services, including: Emergency Shelter, a 24 Hour Crisis Hotline, Counseling & Support Groups, and Education & Referrals. Avail also offers a variety of different programs to those we serve.

Emergency Shelter

Our emergency shelter care service is there when you need it. If you are feeling unsafe or vulnerable, we can provide you a safe place to stay and help you figure out a solution to your situation. We offer shelter to woman, children, and men in their time of need. Call today for more information.

24 Hour Crisis Phone Line

24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: CALL 715-623-5767
Our Crisis line in open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call anytime you need emergency assistance or help. Our crisis support staff will be there when you need them, and will be able to help you with whatever you need. Safety is the primary goal and AVAIL will be able to assist.

Counseling & Support Groups

We offer a variety of counseling options and various support groups to help you find the help you need to cope with any life situations. Our trained staff will be able to help you and your family find answers, information, and solutions. We can even travel to a safe location to meet with you one on one if transpiration is an issue.

Information, Education & Referrals

We offer a variety of information and educational resources and opportunities. Feel free to browse our website or call AVAIL for information and resources. We can even make referrals to 3rd party organization and agencies depending on your needs.

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